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Why are good reviews on health-based products so important?

Many companies competing with other products leave fake reviews, and recommend their own products at the end. There’s so many fake reviews out there, and staying informed can sometimes be difficult!

How do you stay healthy?

First of all, let’s think about the word ‘healthy’ for a second.

Largely, we’d argue that most people consider the word healthy to be a measure of someone’s physical health.

For instance, they would think that being healthy involves regular exercise, not eating McDonalds Big Macs every day (which causes poor nutrition in developed countries), and losing stubborn fat with Keto

And they would assume correct! Those three things are crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a stable BMI.

But staying healthy is so much more than the physical side of things.

It may sound cheesy, but what about your *mind and soul*?

Mental health is very important, especially during the worldwide crisis that emerged in 2020 (don’t worry, we won’t mention the ‘C’ word!…)

People may appear happy and content on the surface, especially in people-centered roles like being a cashier, but in actual effect, they could be struggling with mental health difficulties such as social anxiety

Addictions such as alcoholism, cell phones, drug recreational use and even using the computer can have a detrimental effect on the body and soul.

You may have heard people saying that too much of something is bad, and we’ve found that holds true.

This, is one of the crucial ways to maintaining an effective, balanced healthy lifestyle.