CBD Oil Health Risks

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CBD Oil Health Risks – What are the Health Risks of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil risks do not cease to exist, and in this article we’ll help you understand more about the industry of CBD Oil and learn about the cbd health benefits and risks.

CBD vs THC Info

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In this section, you’ll learn more about the difference between CBD and THC.

THC – What Does It Stand For?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the substance that is responsible for the intoxicating effects of cannabis use. The sale of hemp products with more than 1% THC is prohibited. CBD – unlike THC – does not induce a high.

Therefore, it is usually possible to obtain approval for sale for new non-medicinal products containing CBD – provided that the THC limit is below 1%

What does cbd stand for in medical terms?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the second most concentrated cannabinoid in the hemp plant. CBD-containing products can, among other things, whether this should be viewed as a harmless or worrying development, because the long-term consequences of consuming CBD are unknown.

CBD Shampoo, Coconut Oil and Soap Benefits

More popular than ever before, groceries, dietary supplements and cosmetics surrounding CBD are now being bought legally in a rapidly growing number of outlets.
The benefits of using these CBD-based products include using natural remedies without artificial, pharmaceutical intrusion, which can be positive for people suffering from sensitive skin or allergies overall.

In some cases however, products containing CBD extravagantly promise to have a positive effect on mood or against stress. Even enough that people may decide to drop their mental health services and think CBD will solve their problems.

Sometimes, these are marketing strategies – the effects of CBD have not yet been sufficiently researched to make reliable statements about therapeutic effects. But for authenticated products, the benefits highly outweigh the risk.

Smoking Too Much CBD – Can smoking cbd hurt your lungs?

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There are people who smoke low-THC cannabis (cannabis with less than 1% THC) mixed with tobacco: the health risks are the same as with tobacco consumption and mainly affect cancer, heart, circulatory and lung diseases.

Even if low-THC cannabis is smoked pure without adding tobacco, substances that are harmful to health are produced by the combustion.

After the death of several “vapers” due to severe lung diseases in the USA, the health risks of e-cigarettes have come into focus.

CBD Liquid – CBD Liquid Effects

CBD-containing liquids for e-cigarettes are now also in circulation.
According to scientific studies, the poisoning in connection with CBD could be -Liquids that have been manipulated with synthetic cannabinoids.
If you are driving a vehicle, we therefore advise you not to consume CBD, because you can hardly estimate when you will reach the legal limit of 1.5 micrograms THC per liter of blood.

CBD for Teenagers – Are adolescents allowed to legally consume CBD products?

If the CBD product contains tobacco, the same provisions apply as for tobacco consumption, i.e. different in each canton. CBD tobacco substitutes still contain THC – even if only in small amounts: This can lead to the permitted blood limit for THC in road traffic being exceeded.

If the CBD product does not contain any tobacco or nicotine, there are no legal age restrictions in place throughout Switzerland, ie if the product is legal, it can also be consumed by children and adolescents.

In some cantons, however, the sale of CBD hemp to young people is prohibited. Children and adolescents from consumption as long as there are no reliable research results on its effects.

CBD Oil Health Risks – Conclusion


Customers want new products and variety: That is why new products are constantly being launched. We would like to recommend that you be careful and critical, because sometimes it is two pairs of shoes what the advertising promises and what you get in the end.

In the case of CBD products, it is not known whether the positive effects expressed by consumers are generally valid, whether frequent consumption of CBD products poses long-term health risks, and whether low-THC cannabis for entry into tobacco or “classic” cannabis use can entice.

Since so much is still unclear, our recommendation is to be cautious about consuming CBD products, at least until more is known about them. We generally advise against smoking such products, one of the most common health risks of cbd oil. The combustion creates harmful substances – even if low-THC cannabis is smoked pure without adding tobacco. CBD health risks are often slim compared to the benefits, but it is wise to learn more about the products.

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