Nutritional Problems in Developed Countries

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What Causes Nutritional Problems in Developed Countries?

When it comes to nutritional problems in developed countries, there is not a singular cause for nutritional problems in first world countries such as the United States.

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Some speculate the reason is due to a problem in the latest generations and hereditary genetics.

However, during our research – we have uncovered the following information on what can cause these nutritional issues.

First of all, one of the most common sector of the population affected is our children.

Children and Nutritional Deficiencies

When they go to school, kids often are influenced by their peers, a byproduct of their socialization from a young age.
Their friends might tell them about the latest cartoon characters and celebrities, which is all well in hindsight – BUT, with the advent of social media ever so prevalant in 2021, this is a large reason why nutritional issues spring up.

This is because are children are persuaded to purchase the foods they see advertisments (both on TV and on social media)
For instance, their favorite cartoon characters may make a cameo appearance in McDonalds or a high-sugar content cereal.

Lack of Regular Exercise Causes Nutritional Problems in Developed Countries:


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Today, our children have the most extensive access to mobile phones, laptops, Playstation consoles, TVs and much, much more. For exercise, this is a serious problem!

We can substantiate this, because childhood obesity is becoming a incredible problem nation-wide.

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Energy Drinks & Sugary Sodas

Think Monster energy, RedBull, and so much more. Not only is this impacting our children, but adults alike as well!

Drinks like those brands offer absolutely zero nutritional benefit.

Instead, all they do is accelerate the amount of calories in one’s body and in turn, get more fatter.

Like mentioned, peer pressure can be incredibly challenging topic and issue to solve in schools. But even outside of schools, there is the problem of sweets, sugars and tooth rotters too! It is difficult to police!

Wrap Up

Stay Healthy!

  • Nutritional problems in developed countries can occur from early childhood
  • Drinks such as RedBull and Monster Energy offer no nutrition but increase carbs
  • Children and adults alike need to consume more fruit, vegetables and less sugar content to become more healthy

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